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Audiobox USB + Windows 8 64 bit
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I have been repeatedly trying to install the audiobox usb device on my Windows 8 64 bit system. I downloaded the beta driver, but have not had any luck getting the driver to install.

I read the correct way to uninstall from the knowledge base and followed the instructions for reinstall. When I get to clicking "Install Driver" the driver installation fails every time. I have tried different ports with the same result.

Any thoughts on what I need to do?

Thank you.

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Did you try the 1.2 version? (not the beta)

Because i just recently intalled my audiobox USB on my Win8 64-Bit Laptop without any problems and I think(I'm not 100% shure) I used the 1.2 and not the 1.2.1 beta version...

Good luck anyways
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I have been having the same problem, my computer meets all the requirements so im not sure what the deal is. I have seen a plethora of complaints about this everywhere and its really frustrating. Especially since it worked on my old computer that barley met the requirements and was Windows 7 .

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Having a similar problem here. I even sent my brand new HP laptop to support, assuming it was a faulty HD.
Lots of unbearable audio glitches (it's even stopping my recordings in studio one!) and pops and cracking...I can't stand it anymore, dear Presonus, your last driver did not solve anything! My last chance is a downgrade to Win7
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