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Dropping Out During Record and Playback
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Hey everyone,

has anyone had this problem / know how to fix?

I am running Vista with the latest build.
AMD processor.

During recording or playback, program momentarily stops, it doesn't crash, just pauses for an instant.
If I am recording, it will switch to play mode. This seems to happen even when the processor load is super low, like 20%, and totally at random. I tried optimizing my settings, disabling Aero, startup items, etc. No different. Just bought a new firewire card with TI chip-set. Still there.



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Audio interface: Presonus Firestudio Mobile
DAW: Presonus Studio One (PC,4GB Ram,Windows 7 x64)
Mics: Oktava 319 (mod), Audix VX-5, Shure Beta 58A
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Monitors: KRK RP5 G2
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Joined: 26/08/2010 09:22:50
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That's a great tool.

It does show spikes in my CPU, and suggests that I disable devices one at a time.
I went through every device listed in device manager to no avail.
I also went to task manager, and tried stopping services one at a time.

Is there anything else I can try?

Thanks in Advance,


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Hi MAtt !
I also have experienced such a thing with crashes and "NOT RESPONDING" . There are many things to take in consideration :

1.32-bit or 64 bit version.
2.Memory (which you can run tests with MEMTEST86 + or with WINDOWS)
3.A very crucial step is to test your hard drive and try adding a second hard drive which will be used for
recording and sample contents, while the old HD will be dedicated for the OS and Programs. (also don't
forget to do some maintenance like Defragment ,cleaning unnecessary files, Registry cleaning, etc...

4.Check your "Buffer size" for the audio device your using, and try to turn "OFF" the Plug-Ins while recording
in a LOW Buffer setting, then increase the buffer size while mixing.
5.Check your "AutoPunch" settings.
6.There is a nice post on this forum on how to optimize your PC .
7.Anti-virus and Internet usually should be disabled.
8.Try Reinstalling S1.
9.Do you have an "integrated" graphics cards with a shared memory?
10.AMD CPU (which i recently had) has many overclocking features, so try to STABILIZE it. Also check
the MEMORY settings in the BIOS (voltage, latency ,etc ...)
11.I have WIN7 64bit and have some CRASHES, and after a while i figured out that S1 is not doing well with
KONTAKT 4 64bit when i load too many samples into "SAMPLER" mode. So you should try different settings for your
plug ins . And do not worry - 64 bit is un-mature so is S1 !! (excuse me Presonus guys!).
12.Try with different software (you can do it with DEMO versions)
13.Glitches occur when the CPU has to handle some "sudden" processes in the background, that's why you
might try disabling all unnecessary programs including those that run at the START.
14.If you have 4+ cores try to limit S1 to use less cores and to leave one or two for other background apps.
15.DAWs dont like to be shared with other applications !

Maybe i forgot one or many things ! GOOD LUCK

here is my DAW configuration (it crashes when i used S1 with the integrated GPU with almost full memory
and fast working, recently i have installed a separate Graphics and it seems to be fine, and it has more stability when i did the recommended settings for my MEMORY in the BIOS and i am testing it. the CPU handles well the load but it "GLITCHES" when i have other programs running like Anti virus, internet connection or low Buffer size , right now i am still testing it and will try to post some results.)

Win 7 - 64 bit
AMD Phenom ii X6 1090t
Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H
OCZ 2x4 gb RAM
WD HD 160 Gb sata ii - OS and programs
2x WD HD 1 Tb sata iii - samples and recording
Presonus Firestudio Mobile
Presonus S1 pro 1.5.2

I hope i was helpful !
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