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Distortion on new window 8 computer and I7 processor
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i just got a new computer and the 1818 will not work. I have reinstalled the driver and set the buffer size high. It did almost work perfectly on my last computer but not the new one.

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Wel. I have don the seen as you. I hav instaled AudioBox 1818VSL with Studio One on mij new Ideepad Lenovo with i7. Everything works wel. But der are small problems sometimes. Perhaps you can check that, When I change the setting of ASIO Buffer ind VSL, then it wil not work properly anymore. So I had te reinstal the driver AudioBox. After is was ok. Next, I see not the AudioBox 1818VSL in de Studio One presetbox when I start a new song. But I can live with that. In the device service box of Windows there is a yellow sign on the USB driver of Windows. But The USB ports working OK.

So, finaly you have take not of the stap by stap methode when you start the AudoBax device en (after) the PC.

Sory for my bad Englisch.
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