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Midi Controller Mapping Problem - Radium 49
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When I try to use Control link to map my midi controller (M-Audio Radium 49) to instrument or effects parameters, some of my controls, such as my faders, will not map.

I can map the rotary knobs most of the time, but have trouble re-mapping them. The mapping seems to get stuck and can not remap them.

The Radium 49 does appear in the list of controllers (two different versions).

The faders do send midi information, because you can see the meter on the track peak while sliding a fader. but it does not affect the right side of the control link field so I can not map it.

Also, I do not have a Midi Learn button in the edit window for the Radium 49, so there is no way to correct the controller setup (that I can see anyway).

How do I get my sliders working?

How can I remap the control knobs?

How do I get the Midi Learn button to show up in the edit window for the VST instrument/effect?

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