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Studio One not recognising mic input from USB audio interface
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Hi guys, I'm having a bit of a problem setting up S1 to work with my audio interface. The device is recognised just fine, but I'm having a problem selecting the correct inputs for recording. My interface is the Behringer Xenyx 302. It has a phono line input, a phono 2-track input and a jack/XLR microphone input. I am trying to record my home keyboard through the jack microphone input and I can hear it fine through my headphones, but S1 won't recognise the sound coming through.
In S1 it gives me 3 options for inputs: left and right (stereo), and either left or right (mono). I have tried all three and still got no signal. I assume the left and right means the two mono RCAs in my main line input, but I see no option to select the microphone input.

I hope I've explained this clearly enough, and I would be grateful for any help.


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Setting up devices is covered in chapter 4 of the Studio One user manual:

Hope that helps.

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I'm having the same issue with my mackie PROFX12. All of my other audio applications(Audition CS6; Traktion; ProTools) allow me to record via usb input. Is this a feature not supported by Studio one? I have studio one professional. It would be nice if someone can help to address this issue.
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