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Studio One 2.5 - Ampire Mid/Treble knobs at 0.0 bug?
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Select the "British Driver" preset, crank up the "Drive" and select any of the following Amps:

- Crunch American
- Drive American
- Drive Boutique

...and turn the Mid OR Treble to 0. Keep playing and it jumps (sonically) to something like 5.0 after ~5 seconds

NB: 0.1 and above works as expected

There's also a crackle when you rotate the dial after this happening. Anyone else getting this?

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Windows 8 64-Bit / Studio One Professional 2.5.1 64-Bit
Intel Quad Q6600 / 8GB RAM / GTX 560 Ti 2GB / MOTU Ultralite (Firewire)
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