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Podcasting and a Podcast
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What is podcasting?

The same as radiobroadcast except you prerecord the show and then post it in a syndicated fashion.

How do i record a podcast?

Items you need:

* subject (like music, recording, understanding the rules of tennis, cooking, etc, something you like)
* microphone
* Presonus interface A/D D/A
* compputer in which to record the audio

if you are familar with the presonus line of product and have recorded before, you are already halfway there. Simply record a track with you talking your subject with a rolyalty free music intro (or compose your own) and speak to your hearts content. when finished export or save the recording as a two track or mono mp3. If you can't directly save as a mp3 save as a wav file and then convert to a mp3.

you can pay to have a server host the data for you, or if you have a mobileme account (, apple inc) you can store your mp3's there. then make a website (like wordpress) and blog your show and put a link of your podcast there for people to download.

It is suggested though you check out services like libsyn as syndication for automatic downloads of rss feeds are the best practice. check out forums across the web on how to rss feed and check out libsyn.

in other news. . .

if you are just starting out in songwriting and performance of your tunes, check out the my podcast (pm me). the podcast is about your the songwriter, so feedback what you want to hear and they will provide!

Hosts Eric and Mike discuss all things songwriting, sharing ideas, and discovering other musicians’ experiences and thoughts on a variety of musical topics. These bi-weekly podcasts include occasional special guest interviews, reviews of live shows and once in a while live in-studio performances! We invite you to subscribe to our free podcast, share your thoughts, and help us make this a fun, informative site for musicians and songwriters all over! Our mission is to create a place where songwriters and musicians can come together to share ideas and experiences in honing their craft, furthering their musical careers and living their dreams. All commentary, advice, and general noises coming from our podcast do not necessarily reflect what one may consider professional, worthwhile credential-based content

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A podcast (or non-streamed webcast) is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication.
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