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Sending info to external MIDI gear in S1
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I'm usually good at figuring this stuff out, but I'm stumped.

I use a variety of external MIDI hardware with Studio One, and need a system of patch organization/management. I created presets in Native Instruments Kore 2, (using the Reaktor Toolpack) that allow me to send program change info and allow MIDI CC change of most parameters to my gear. I name patches in Kore to correspond to the patches on my external gear and everything works great in Kore 2 Standalone mode.

I can open Kore in S1, but can't figure out how to route the information to get out to the external gear.

I can use the inspector in S1 to send patch change info to my unit just fine, so I know the connections are set up correctly. I can open Kore as an instrument, or as an effect in S1, but neither will get the MIDI info out to the external devices.

Anyone else doing this or have suggestions? If I can get it to work, I will essentially have a patch name management system that will organize and control all of my external devices while in S1, which is sorely needed.


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You would need to (I think) set Kore as the input source for an instrument track and set the output destination of that track to a hardware midi port? In that case, I would guess anyway, Kore would send it's midi data out to the hardware device, if that's what you want.

The instrument track you use for that (I think) would need to have it's input monitor turned on though, so the midi passes through it.

That's my guess anyway.

Hope that helps.
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