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Say no to New York Case CO.
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Chris Fletchall

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I guess you get what you pay for. I paid $200 for a case for my new 24.4.2 and does it suck.

When I ordered it they told me " yep we can make you a custom case that will withstand the abuse of your crew and fit the console real snug."

It arrived Monday with scratches and dents all over it, some of the dents where a rather big 2" and almost no foam inside to protect the console. The case is 1 3/4 to big all the way around and it flops around from top to bottom to. All the hardware was supposed to be recessed and lockable but it showed up whit surface mount hardware and to top it all off it was made out of 1/4" hard plastic that will not last a month with any road crew.

I called them and they told me all sales finale on custom cases, My point to them was , they screwed up on hardware , quality, finishing the product with the interior foam and the cheap materials they used to make it.

I can only blame myself for this for not paying the $750 L & M quoted me.

If any one els has to deal with these guys please be very clear on what you expect from them up front. they will not help you after they get your money.

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Just goes to show you get what you pay for!
Trent Curtis
Smithville, TN

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I found a couple of nice cases for my 16.4.2 consoles at the local dealer. They are made by Unitec and have rack rails to hold the consoles in place. They have 4 recessed latches and 1/4 plywood. They seem to do the job. You can get a couple for under $700. They are custom made for Studiolive 16.4.2. They also make one for the 24.4.2. They run around $600.

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I assume you have none of their promises in writing. If you do then it shouldn't be a problem, assuming you paid with credit card (and haven't paid the credit card yet). What was their response when you told them you didn't get the product you ordered? (and that's how I would have phrased it). In fact, I would have refused delivery on the grounds you did not get what you ordered. If recessed hardware was ordered and it showed up with surface mount, sorry, they must have shipped me the wrong case. Make them eat their mistake. All sales are final doesn't work if the "sale" wasn't what was ordered.

If you've already paid for it then you're pretty much stuck. Whenever you do custom anything, and even if it's from a reputable company, always get every spec in writing. This protects you and the other company from there being a misunderstanding of what's being specified. If the company won't put it in writing you don't want to deal with them anyway.

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I just got my second keyboard case from NYCC and am delighted with it. I plan to purchase a third and maybe fourth one soon. These cases are exactly as advertised. Way better than any "bag" which costs just as much and offers little or no protection. Just don't expect them to be ATA standards unless you pay the extra price.

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The boss bought this case from Gator.
There is a problem with the doghouse latch bumping into the channel 1 XLR input, but otherwise is well made.


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Dreamer1 wrote:I just got my second keyboard case from NYCC and am delighted with it. I plan to purchase a third and maybe fourth one soon. These cases are exactly as advertised. Way better than any "bag" which costs just as much and offers little or no protection. Just don't expect them to be ATA standards unless you pay the extra price.

Interesting that this is your first post on the forums....
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If you paid by credit card you should be able to have them deal with a company that has not provided you with the promised product. At least mine does. In a world where promises are not worth the paper they're not written on, checks and cash are often NO good currency.

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I have purchased Several cases from NYC Case company. I am very pleased with them.
Whenever I ordered (3 of them so far), they were all custom.
That being said, it was up to ME to supply the exact dimensions of the inside of the case, the thickness of the foam I want, etc. The cases arrived with the exact specs I wanted, every time. When you ordered yours, did you supply the dimensions? did they go over all the options with you? ....
I do not work for that company and am in no way affiliated. I'm just a happy customer who got what I paid for.

All The Best!
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I looked around quite a bit and went with a case from Fat Productions. Great communication and I love the case. I sleep better knowing its safe and sound! I went for the Doghouse version. The only thing I forgot was the headphone relocate, but I can do that myself.

He's on the board here, call him for a quote. It's more than $200, but I would buy it again without hesitation.


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Signature says it all...

Contact CarCrusher on this forum and have him build one for you , too.

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