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After you have recorded, mixed and mastered your audio project in Studio One v2, you may want to market your release. Radio stations read public service announcements (PSA) throughout the day and night. (I think it used to be required by law). This doesn't mean that they will read yours, but it also doesn't mean that they won't. What I mean is, radio stations usually receive MANY PSAs so they have to be quick and selective on which ones they read. You may get lucky and have yours read.

Some things to keep note of when writing a PSA for radio:
- Include phonetic pronunciation guides for words that the reader might be unsure of how to pronounce.
- Try to keep the PSA to one or two pages.
- You only have 30 to 90 seconds (depending) so keep it short.
- Include the word count and total time it takes to read the announcement.
- Include start and end date of when the announcement should be aired.
- Include your contact information at the top.
- Double space for easy reading.
- Include "###" centered at the end of the announcement page.

And always remember to check each radio station's guideline for PSAs.

Links to more info:
- - has examples.
- - very informative.

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