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Selling Your Music: List of Services
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There are many services available to sell your music online and/or get it distributed to retail stores.
- Note that although most services are "non-exclusive", you can only use one service to put your music into stores such as iTunes. But a non-exclusive service will still allow you to sell your music with different services (just can't use more than one service to deliver your music to iTunes).

Some of the most well known services available online are:
(Note that this is NOT an exhaustive list, there are many, many services available if you search.)

- Nimbit: - 3 account plans available, one is free for digital sales. Has a facebook store app too.
- CDBaby:
- TuneCore:
- BandCamp:
- TopSpin:
- VibeDeck:

And of course directly from your website! Be sure to search online for the many more services available.

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