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Performing Rights Organizations: SoundExchange
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SoundExchange ( is "a non-profit performance rights organization that collects royalties on the behalf of sound recording copyright owners (SRCOs — record labels, generally) and featured artists for non-interactive digital transmissions, including satellite and Internet radio" ("SoundExchange," Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia).

SoundExchange exists to administer statutory licenses for sound recording copyrights, primarily through the collection and distribution of royalties for sound recording performances occurring under the jurisdiction of U.S. law. SoundExchange handles the following duties with respect to statutory licenses:
- Collects performance royalties from the statutory licensees;
- Collects and processes all data associated with the performance of the sound recordings;
- Allocates royalties for the performance of the sound recording based on all of the data collected and processed;
- Distributes the featured artist's share directly to the artist;
- Distributes the Sound Recording Copyright Owners' share directly to the copyright owner;
- Distributes the non-featured artist's share to AFTRA and AFM's Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund; and
- Provides detailed reports summarizing the titles, featured artists and royalty amounts for each of the sound recordings performed by the statutory licensees.

An administrative fee is deducted from royalties before they are distributed, with remainder being divided between the performing artists on a given recording, and the copyright owner of that recording.

SoundExchange collects and distributes royalties for all artists and copyright owners covered under the statutory licenses; these parties do not need to be members of SoundExchange for royalties to be collected on their behalf and distributed to them. (Wikipedia again, getting too lazy to cite).

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