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What Headphones?
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drummernick wrote:I've tried the Dr Dre one, nothing like as un coloured as the Beyers. They were an option but no. I have to admit, I don't know who Dr Dre is but I'm sure if he says they are good it's nothing to do with marketing

Nothing, I mean NOTHING could be worse in a studio environment than the over-hyped Monster Dre brand! Their colourations are so profound as to render them useless. While they may sound subjectively attractive on certain genres of "music", they completely obliterate critically important aural information, as a byproduct of their consumer driven voicing, never mind the unjustified pricing. For a sealed headphone, the Audio Technica AT H-M50 has become a defacto standard for the best reasons. They are quite transparent, and very resolute. There are a number of headphones that fall nicely into this category too, from the usual sources, but these happen to be my current go to.

I've been at this a long time, and rarely pipe up, but I'd hate to see anyone throw good money after bad.
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