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Anyone else using other mics instead of Shure ?
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your main vocal mics?
Shure 21% [ 14 ]
Sennheiser 31% [ 21 ]
Other 49% [ 33 ]
Total Votes : 68

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for vocals I use the 935's if they "eat" the mic then I give them a beta 87. for drums I use a beyerdynamic M-88 for the Kick and a Bruce Bartlett for all the other drums and symbols. I also use AKG cs1000 to mic overheads and instruments. I still have 58's and 57's. I still use 57's for micing instruments if they want a loud wedge. Sometimes I use a cheap Mx large diaphram for overhead. The M-88 work great on micing amps too.
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The only Sure mic I have in my closet is an SM7 and I much prefer my RE20s over the SM7 if a large dynamic in needed. Broadcasters can't be that wrong! For the acoustic music (Bluegrass & Americana) that I do live the AE5400 is a big time winner ( Tony Bennett and Bill Gather use wired and wireless versions on this mic) and the AE4100 dynamic hand held blows away 58s. The rear rejection is better and flat sonic properties that do not include the troubling vocal bump curve that rockin screamers love. I replaced the 58s for our church praise team with AE4100s and the sonic improvement was amazing. Another choice if you need to increase proximity effect is the AT4040 side addressed: put a sock on it and eat it. For studio work the Peluso quartet (P2247, P12, P67 & P28 inst mic) Rode's K2 and the AT 4060 tube are also good choices. Two good Inst. mic choices are the ATM450 side addressed and the AT4081 ribbon.
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Audix OM7 (the best I've found so far for real combat audio - bad rooms, mic cuppers, etc.). I also have some N/D767a that I like (and need to sell). There's mics that sound MUCH better, but the ones I've tried pick up too much unwanted sound (they just plain don't work on 90% of my shows).

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My friend recently bought a line 6 XD-V75 wireless mic setup (Transmitter and Receiver). He said the mic sounded great but one issue he noticed is that it produced a lot of handling noise. Has anyone noticed the same issue with the same mic? Just wondering if this was an issue with his unit. He connected the receiver to the mixer using different XLR cables to make sure it is not a cable issue.
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Monolithent wrote:

I love Audix OM5 for male vocals.

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I have 58's and 57's they will always work.
My favorite vocal mics that I use are Senn 935's.
If the vocalist "eats" the Mic then I give him (or her) a Beta 87. I like to use Beydynamic M-88's for kicks, flutes, Bodhrans and guitar amps. I like AKG 1000's for drum overheads and Love the Bartlett for all drums other than kicks that you don't need in the monitors. The Barlett also is the best for fiddle/violin acoustic guitar if you don't need it loud in wedges.
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All I use for live sound is 57's and 58's, I have 8 of each and also a beta52 for kick. I couldn't be happier. Vocals 58, guitar amps, drums, anything else you can think of, 57! I've tried to use a beta 58 and was not real happy with it myself because I don't like to have to stay so perfectly on axis, I just wanna sing "toward" the mic and have it pick it up.

How many times have I seen an inexperienced musician buy a beta 58 thinking it must be "better" than a regular 58 just because it cost double the price. But, they have no idea what a polar pattern is and they don't realize that every time they turn their head a little, the volume of their voice dips (or disappears), nor do they make sure the monitor is in the correct place. That doesn't stop them from thinking they are cool as shit cause they have the "Step up" from a 58 though.

That being said, I believe that a real vocalist should bring their own mic to a gig and they should know how to use it. If you are a vocalist, than your microphone is very much like your instrument. If you don't like the sound of your instument, then you must work on getting the sound you want out of that instument or get a new instrument. For a vocalist that means they work on their voice and/or get a new microphone AND bring it to the gig! I don't leave home without my saxophone, you (if you're a vocalist) should not leave home without your microphone!

However, if you just need a 58, I have plenty!

I also buy new grills for them once a year too so they're not so dinged up and slobbered on.

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The Shure 58 Beta is one of my least favorite mics...but I do agree that a vocalist should have their own mic. I have a full mic closet that has a very large assortment. Some I like better than others, some that work better for certain things than others... in the end it has a lot to do with taste, and what you are trying to do sonically..

Myself, I try to influence the sound as little as possible, instead trying to stay true to the original sound and simply make it louder...I have mics from just about every manufacturer, or have had in my stable at one time or another.

The most pleasant surprises for me were inexpensive mics that have proven to be great performers. The most notable have been from Audio Technica and Nady...
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Audio Technica makes some great mics
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Audiotechnica AE5400 is what i use
Other 2 vocals use EV mics.

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Even though I always carry a Sure SM58 mic with me to every gig, just as a backup, I use a Sennheiser e865 Sting Special Edition on stage. I've had it since it came out a few years ago and It's the best live mic I've ever had.
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I do use SM58 a lot. Not really for the sound but they are so tough and reliable.

I do have some sennheiser e865 for some vocals (I prefer them for my voice)

I have a bunch of SM57 for guitar amps but lately I started using Sennheiser 601s and I prefer them over the 57.

I use SM81 for overheads and beta52 for kick. I did get good results using a Sennheiser 421 for kick when I was out of betas.

So I seem to be slowly moving away from shure to Sennheiser!

My band played a gig recently where the tech was using Audix microphones for vocals (as seen on my avatar) but I did not like them. They seemed a bit thin sounding to me.
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I did a shoot out on a singer with various mics including a Sure 58, AKG 790 and a AT mic, just trying to get her sound. One thing I noticed on the screen (I put them all on separate tracks) is that the SM58 took a lot more volume to produce the same amplitude, which makes it "peaky" This may be why it is considered best for feedback, but the other two mics were smoother and vocals seemed less strained..........just sayin'

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After a long time searching an auditioning, our band ended unsing Audix Vx5, Sennheiser e865 and Beta87. For better vocal Performance would need mics that are much more expensive
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