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Stereo Miking: Faulkner Phased Array
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This technique involves two figure-of-eight microphones, parallel to each other and spaced 20 cm (7.87 in.) apart.
- This technique seems to be mostly used for an orchestra or chamber ensemble.

Link to an article about this, which includes four PDF's on the subject:

PDF Intro -
PDF Article by Faulkner (1 of 3) -
PDF Article by Faulkner (2 of 3) -
PDF Article by Faulkner (3 of 3) -

- Youtube link to an hour long interview with Tony Faulkner:

- Embedded video of interview (1 hour in length):

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Right up my alley. I'm always interested in stereo micing theory and techniques. Some very interesting reading. I especially like the link for the page that has the calcuations -- very, very useful.
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