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D8 problem with Word Clock connector
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I've owned a D8 for about two years. I use it with a Yamaha 01V96V2. The word clock connector has some slop/play in it and I can't get it to reliably sync to the Yamaha as the master clock. I had to start using the D8 as master and slave the Yamaha off the ADAT timing.

I finally took the D8 apart, thinking it would be a damaged solder connection or similar, and might be something easy to fix. The WC connector just has two small-gauge wires heat-shrinked onto the back of it, which run to a connector on a circuit board near the top/middle of the unit. The heat shrink is undamaged but there is no visible solder. Is it possible the "slop" in the connector was causing the wires to make a poor connection to the connector and lose clock sync due to small vibrations, etc.?

I can remove the heat shrink and re-solder those connections. My other concern, though, is that the WC connector itself is only secured to the chassis by a nut that screws onto the threads around the BNC connector. I can't seem to get a tool in there, due to the top/rear flange of the chassis back panel, to get the nut on very tight. I'm sure it will work itself loose again because it's not even "hand tight" right now, I was just able to turn it maybe 1/4 turn by poking it with a screwdriver.

Has anyone had similar trouble? If so, what was your fix? I really don't want to RMA the thing. I don't even use it anymore, because I bought a different model. I just want to fix it nicely so I can toss it on Craigslist without worrying that the next owner might have an issue.

Lock-tite on the nut has occurred to me. I don't think there is enough room for a lock washer.

Anyway, thanks for reading.
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