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how do I route firewire in to aux sends
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Randy Howard

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I can't figure how to send music from itunes on my computer to aux sends by firewire. My headphone out on my macbook is disabled when I hook computer up via firewire. I get my music on the mains and aux 1 but can't send it to aux 2,3,4,5,or 6. I don't understand how it's going to aux 1 and not the others. How do I go about sending to auxes ?

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You can't send a Firewire stream directly to an Aux bus. You route the audio stream to a pair of channels (or one channel if you're happy with mono), then press the Firewire button at the top of the mixer's channel strip to select that Firewire stream as the channel input. Then just route that channel to the aux bus you want by using the Aux Send controls for the channel.
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Wait..this might be possible.

Assign the main to channels 17 & 18 in the audio setup. When you press the firewire button (under the 2-track button to the left of the monitor & headphone knobs) the knob above controls the volume to the mains. Set it to a comfortable lever feeding the mains.

Now, turn OFF the firewire button. The feed should be silent now.

Click the MIX button on the AUX channel twice. Now, the far left channel (1) will control the firewire level to that aux feed. you should be able to turn it up and hear the iTunes feed on that AUX.

I have not tested this (I am at work) so I am not 100% but I believe it will work. It will be mono (combines R & L) but I believe it will do what you are asking for.
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