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we've been 5 months without a feature update, looks like one is nearly guaranteed to be announced next week. now that weve had a decent amount of time to discover and get used to new version and its features, what are on the top your lists? im not looking for a specific feature per se, but the way they are implemented. the way automation was implemented in s2 blows my fucking mind, its one of those features that arent just part of the work, but is a creative fucking tool that is as much an instrument as any synth

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Yes, that sounds like a nice idea......

Actually I hope to make it to Frankfurt next week, just because two of my friends will perform on the Presonus booth. But a 2.1 Update with some nice new feature would be a killer......
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I'd like to see the ability to set additional parameters for grouping, similar to Pro Tools and Reaper.

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