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Expanding RME FireFace 400 I/O with DigiMax 8?
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I have a FF400 and I am out of I/O for outboard gear (multiple compressors, Reverb/FX unit, stereo imaging processors...). I was wondering what would be the best I/O expansion solution?

I have my eye on the Presonus DigiMax 8. I was wondering if it would work to expand the FF400 via ADAT? I only see ADAT out on it, wouldn't I need an ADAT IN for the return to then go to analog outs back to the external hardware? I want to use the RMEs converters and completely bypass the DigiMax converters and preamps... Is this possible, or is there another/better solution?

Thanks all, Dan

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As far as only one ADAT port I don't have that answer. If it only has one then I would assume it would be able to receive data for its outputs. Hopefully someone else will answer this for you.

But I can tell you that instaling the Digimax will require you to use its pres and converters. There's no way around it I'm afraid. It has to come in and be converted to line level so the converters can turn it digital to shove down the ADAT port.

If you want RME's pres and converters you'll have to use one of their ADAT pre boxes.

Hope that helps a little.

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Ya, I made the plunge and I went with an RME Multiface II as it's the only one I could find with ADAT in and out also with 8 analog in/out. It was more than I could really afford at the moment, but at least this way I preserve RMEs A/D D/A all the way through. None the less, I would have bought the DigiMax if it had the ADAT in! Cheers

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