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Studio One Producer Upgrade with AudioBox VSL Purchase
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I recently purchased an AudioBox 22VSL/Studio One 2 Artist on 1/26/2012 and love it. I also found out, through Guitar Center Rebates, that there is now an upgrade to Studio One Producer when you purchase an AudioBox VSL interface between 2/1/2012 and 2/28/2012.

Since I missed the date range by only 5 days, is there a way I can get the SO Producer upgrade without having to return my AudioBox VSL and re-purchase so my receipt's date falls between 2/1 and 2/28? I've reviewed the differences between SO Artist and Producer and would love to have the ability to export to load VST's, as well as import/export to MP3. I currently use Ableton Live and frequently load VST's. Having this ability might help me make the decision to switch completely to Studio One 2.


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