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Digimax 96k via Adat to DIGI 003 PT LE - PLEASE HELP ME
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Hi guys,

My first post and i'm desperate. I'm beginning to think my mic pre may not be working though it powers up just fine.

Here's my connection:

Mic Pre Adat OUT -> Digi 003 console Adat IN

Condenser Mic going to Channel 1 on the back of the mic pre with phantom power engaged.

I then go to setup-hardware in pro tools, select Adat as optical format and Optical as clock source. Then I hit ok.

Create a new audio track, set my input to ADAT 1, set my output to my main monitors ANALOG 1-2.

I then hit record in pro tools but get NO SIGNAL

Is there something wrong with my PreAmp? Whenever i push the buttons in front for example: (ENH or PAD) they don't even light up, but the pre amp is powered on because it allows me to select the sample rate and the power button on the external power suppIy also works.

Please help. This is setting me back big time!

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