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Two questions about third-party VSTs
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Question #1:

Does anyone know or can anyone recommend a good third-party plug-in for an instrument library/synth set for Studio One Pro v1? BESIDES Native Instruments or Toontrack preferably. One that I can buy is preferable to a freebie.

Question #2:

Can anyone help me with the KORE Player and Guitar Rig? I have downloaded, installed, and entered the activation code from the NI website, and I still have problems. KORE initiates properly, but will not make sound at shows a signal in the track signal indicator, but no sound comes out in either demo or full mode.

Guitar Rig works, but only for a limited time in the demo mode. Even though I have installed it (I could swear I put in an activation key for this one too), it only runs the demo. Am I mistaken, do I only qualify for the demo and so the full version costs money?


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check out u-he plugins, seriously top quality plugins straight out of deutschland. incredible sound

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I recently bought Mach 5 v3, pretty good coverage of the basics. I think owning Studio One even qualifies for crossgrade pricing via Sample One. The crossgrade price is $279. Really good instruments for the money.

There are some audio examples here (the speaker icons) ...

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