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Presonus FireControl released for OSX Lion (Firestudio 2626 Lion Support!)
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FireControl 2626

This is the official release of FireControl 2626, which is a stand-alone application that adds
support for the FireStudio [26x26] on the Mac OSX Lion operating system ONLY.

The FireStudio [26x26] is the only device that is supported in this release as it is intended to be used only with this device.

• Daisy Chaining: FireControl 2626 supports chaining of two FireStudio [26x26] devices.
However, in order to chain other FireStudio devices with the FireStudio [26x26], Universal Control must also be installed and running alongside FireControl 2626.

Both FireControl 2626 and Universal Control can be downloaded from:

Uninstall instructions for FireControl 2626 can be found at:

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