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Studio One V2.0 Audio Timing Training
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Hello Presonus Studio One forum
I would like to offer 35 minutes of Studio One V2 training today as a gift.

If you are a musician or studio producer that records live groups that may have had a “timing” problem or perhaps the group has a strong drummer but weaker rhythm guitar or bass player please spend some time checking out these videos.

If you are a singer/songwriter or record small groups who do not have other musicians such as a drummer or bass play you might find these videos helpful.

If you are an electronic musician, or perhaps do post video editing you might learn something the tempo mapping or grid based quantizing videos.

Here is the course outline:
Studio One V2 Audio Timing Training
Part One: Intro, basic background, manual transient editing, and groove tool to synch two musicians

Part Two: Tempo Mapping, using a worse case song with tempo and time signature changes

Part Three: Instant Gratification, grid/groove quantizing and multi-track phase coherent quantizing,

I hope these videos help the Presonus Community get the most out of the new V2 transient /Audio Bend capabilities. Thanks to Johnny (themuzic) and Bill (bedstrom) for their help.

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Wow, this is fantastic. Let me be the first to thank you!
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And let me be the second. Tis very much appreciated, a huge effort indeed.

Thanks jpettit
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+3. Very generous of you to offer this free gift!

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Many Thanks for Your Help and Video's!
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Just what I needed.

Thanks! Such a generosity has become rare
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Thank you for your hard work, just finished watching the first video
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Studio One Tips For Newbs

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jpettit, thank you very much for doing these!
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Watched all of 'em, thanks for showing and explaining!
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Many thanks for taking the time to make those and set them free... as far as the subject matter goes, just what the DAW doctor ordered!

Nice one my friend.

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Great job!!!
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Thank You X 1000

This is a very valuable resource for V2 users.
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