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Precount without preroll playing, MIDI track for hardware instruments, pan control slider....
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Massimo Alessi

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Let's go straight to the business.
1. Precount - it would be very useful to have an option to set precount in that way that it does not play actual bars before recording start point. I have found it very distracting at many occasions to listen to the track prior recording. That method works perfectly for punch ins. But hence there's a spearate punch in functionality in S1.
2. MIDI tracks - or anything else, which would cope with hardware MIDI instruments. Instrument tracks are responsible for HW handling. But they don't provide user with volume, pan and bank/program select control. Situation is getting worse especially when using HW in multitimbral mode. There's no way to easily control any essential parameters at all.
3. Pan control - At the moment track panel provide volume control only for audio tracks. VSTi have that control inderectli via inspector vol/pan section. HW as mentioned above are lacking these control at all. I see it as impractical to not have essential controls like vol/pan for all track types in a track strip.
Wish list:
4. Q view/Bend view etc - is there any chance to have them all opened at the same time? Or at least have some sort of mini toolbar allowing to expand panels to a full view without using key shortcuts? Sort of MS ribbon concept?
5. Hardware instruments - it would be great to have some sort of a facility to program custom SYSex based panels/modules.

Anyway p.1, 2 & 3 for me are show stoppers at the moment. It's not about changing habits from other DAW. These things are simply missing. They seem to be implemented in any possible sequencing platform (including even ACID pro).
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