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Bub wrote:
As for the weakness in Studio One regarding midi ... there are none. People may have a preference as to how they like to work, but there is nothing in Studio One that is so radically different than any other DAW out there that you can't get done what you want/need to get done.
"so radically" --> I haven't used all other daws but I guess so. You can record and edit MIDI in S1.

Bub wrote:
What we've been seeing here should be brought up as feature requests, and not talking points to bash one DAW and make another one look superior.
Yes, I myself submitted quite a lot of FRs. And there's no bashing here. Just information sharing and learning.

Bub wrote:
The reality is, if enough people request the things they want, I'm certain Presonus would react.
I hope so. I've found a few old FRs on full screen mode and a lot of people supported the idea but it hasn't been implemented, though. I hope it'll be done in v3.0. MIDI plugins/arppegiator, track templates, color customization, too.

Bub wrote:
but what I did care about is how 75% of the time I would have unexpected simultaneous multi-synth output when playing via my keyboard or editing in PRV, Snap not working in PRV. You know, things that are broken.
I'm sure you contacted support and they couldn't solve it. I feel for you. Personally, snap in PRV always works for me.
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Bub wrote:
hibidy wrote:Anyways, out again. I do not understand why people think midi is so weak in S1, that's how this started.

As for the weakness in Studio One regarding midi ... there are none. People may have a preference as to how they like to work, but there is nothing in Studio One that is so radically different than any other DAW out there that you can't get done what you want/need to get done. And the reality is, the people who are complaining have wasted far more time coming on the forums to complain about it, than they would have by clicking their mouse button one extra time to do what they need to get done on their music.

Bub, I've said it so many times on this forum but it's obvious very few people actually read what's being said.
I don't know how to say it a different way but S1 has no Instrument Definitions facility. If, like me, (and I know there are many) you use external synths and sound modules and want to browse, choose and audition (yes, Sonar lets you do that even while the track is playing so you can hear the patches you're trying out in their setting) then Sonar is your best bet FOR THAT PARTICULAR FUNCTION. Studio One has nothing like that. Now, if a S1 user has no use for Instrument Definitions he/she will say it's not a weakness! If they do have the need they might well regard it as one! How many angels can we balance on the head of this pin!

I never said anything about which of the two DAWs is easier in terms of MIDI editing. That would be a different discussion - one topic under the general overall banner of MIDI.

I don't bang on about Instrument Definitions in order to 'bash' S1. I don't come to forums to complain. I've posted here many times stating that I have both Sonar and Studio and I like working with both. I like working with the Project page in S1 which is great and Sonar doesn't have a similar facility. I have numerous tools in my tool box but I don't slag off my hand drill because it's not electric, I use it for other roles where being electric is a positive drawback.
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Perhaps the discussion on midi was about everything midi except for patch definitions. However, when I used them, I had to have them. Now that I don't need to use them, it is not an issue for me.

However, for the other midi features, I really want the tool Sonar uses for being able to select any note or event or range of notes based on specific criteria and then edit the notes found in that criteria. This feature is called "Find/Change" under Options in Sonar.


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All valid points gentlemen. And as I've said already, I'm certain if a feature or function, or whatever we want to call it, is requested enough by enough people, Presonus will make it happen. I have no doubt about that.

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It would be good to remember when Studio One was released that it was never intended to even deal with midi. And it was especially not designed for use with external keyboards otherwise they would have added these features long time ago.

Even more than that, it was never intended to take over all the other DAWs and be the "Best DAW ever". It has come a lot further then it was intended to in the beginning and I feel it should be viewed as just another option, not an "Industry Standard" like so many feel it should be. Although it could very well be if the development continues like it is.

Maybe it will be, maybe it won't. But Presonus is smart not to really confirm or deny any big plans because it keeps the speculation hot and keeps folks interested. I can say with some certainty we won't see instrument definitions in the near future (if at all) because to many, that's old technology and may not be where Presonus wants to go. Ok, maybe it's not old technology but VST Instruments seems to be the norm more and more these days.

My opinions are mostly speculation and gut feelings but loosely based on conversations I've had at NAMM shows and at Presonusphere. So I think what we have with Studio One should appreciated and if another DAW needs to be used for certain features then so be it!

I know a few Professional Pro Tools studios using Studio One for the core writing and arrangements and then the final mixing is done in Pro Tools. So if the pros don't mind an extra hammer in the tool box, why should we?

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I have quite a few external synth modules myself and yes Sonar is very good in that respect. I also have SoundQuest's MidiQuest 10XL synth editors bundle which lets you access modules from VSTi plug-ins and you can also save the banks as Sonar Ins files which is very useful.
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