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How do i send 2 track in to the auxs??
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Heheh, thanks!!

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good sport, Johann. Welcome to the club!

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With the firmware version update (1.50a), you can now route the 'main firewire return' (via console inputs or firmware) to your aux sends. This is very convenient for those who run audio from their iPod or other media device into there system. That same signal can now be run from a computer to the '2 track in' through firewire eliminating the need to take up 2 channels for a stereo feed. The signal level can be adjusted by the '2 track in' potentiometer. Also, in addition to having the option of routing the 'main firewire return' to the aux sends, you can also route the 'Analog Tape In', 'Aux Input A', 'Aux Input B, and the outputs of both 'FXA' and 'FXB' to these same aux sends.

The routing process discussed above is all done through a new function called 'Aux Flip Mode' and is explained in the StudioLive user's manual on page 38.

"Pressing the Mix button a second time will switch the first six meters and encoders to become the aux-send level controls for the
Main FireWire Return, Analog Tape In, Aux Input A, Aux Input B, and the output of FXA and FXB.
While in this mode, the Mix button will remain illuminated, and LEDs at the top, middle, and bottom of meters 7-16 will also
Press the Mix button a third time to disengage Aux Mix mode.
Aux Flip mode is not available for FXA and FXB

Just to add, after pressing the mix button a second time (thus enabling the aux flip mode), the first six fat channel meters will be openly adjustable. These meters will now correspond as numerically as follows: 1) Main FireWire Return, 2) Analog Tape In, 3) Aux Input A, 4) Aux Input B, 5) FX A, 6) FX B.

I know this is all blatantly stated in the user manual. I am just posting this to make the information more apparent and easier to find under this forum discussion.

^Link to StudioLive 1642 Owner's manual^

Dan Shannon

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