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Make it idiot proof, and someone will make a better idiot!

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Congrats! May God Bless You and Your Family!
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rventle wrote:Congrats! May God Bless You and Your Family!


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Also my congratulations.

Not much sleep in the next few weeks - but that's just becoming another lifestyle…...
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AudioCave wrote:Congrats Jon!

I hear that he's already intently studying the viability of future project management directions and has already offered some excellent suggestions as to improved efficiency as relates to customer relations.

Like father, like son...

Yep...(hilarious image AC...2 minutes and 25 seconds after birth no doubt ) we had considered not letting everyone here know how hard the youngster studies already but well... people want to know these things

Congratulations Jonathan!
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Congrats,Sir!!!! I am sure he is your pride and joy.

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Wow! Fantastic news! Congratulations are in order!

Fantastic news for Jonathan and his wife.

Fortunately, little Elliot is already more grown up than most of us crazy Studio One forumites so the child-rearing thing should be pretty easy for old Hillman!
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fat chief

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Congratulations to you and yours Jonathan. What a way to start 2011. Awesome.
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Having 2 wee ones and just found out #3 is on the way... a huge Congratulations Jon to you and your family!

Children are such a blessing... I thought marriage was a scary (and wonderful) mirror.. with each kid, I see how much I have to learn!

Thanks for all the hard work Jon, take a break!

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Congrats to you and your wife. It's always an exciting time to introduce something so precious into the world.
Welcome Elliott.
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Hey, that's great news! Congratulations!
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bigcohoona wrote:(...) just found out #3 is on the way (...)

Congrats to you, too!
Beautiful Beast

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Congratulations Jonathan! If this is your first, get ready for some inefficient work flow for a change

Enjoy this: it's the best thing in the world.

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Beautiful Beast wrote:Congratulations Jonathan! If this is your first, get ready for some inefficient work flow for a change BB

True that... and also being a little more poor.

I sat down once and tried to estimate how much it cost me to raise my 21 year old son from birth through what is now his final semester in undergraduate school. Food, clothes, health and dental, toys, computers, travel to enlighten the mind, space camps, tennis camps, football, music classes, yada, yada, and other general stuff all capped off at the end by college tuition, room and board, meal plans, more books, LSAT study courses and plane or train tickets on every school break.

A small fortune really... worth every nickle. I'll probably die broke, but he'll be ok.

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