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OK, when the mixer happily plays iTunes from firewire then the drivers are fine. I feel we're somehow missing something simple. Let's try from the start. Please bear with me when suggestions fall in the "already done that" category.

- On the mixer recall scene 1 in order to zero out the board
- then provide a signal to one of the SL mic or line inputs. Can be a microphone or a keybord or an iPod or something. Make sure of the input channel number you're using because the sockets don't line up with the channel's gain trim.
- hit the 'input' button below the mixer's display and make sure (by tweaking gain) that your input signal produces a 1/2 to 3/4 reading on the meter bridge
- start a new Capture session, press the 'arm all tracks' button and hit 'record'. Recording should start and produce a squiggly line on the track/channel with the signal. You may have to zoom in on the track to see it.
- stop the recording and 'disarm' all tracks
- on the mixer, on the channel with the signal, hit the firewire button. Also make sure that 'input' is still selected
- in Capture hit stop again (to move the play cursor to the start), then hit play
- the signal should now show on the mixer's meter bridge.

Thus ends part one

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