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FR: EQ Band Auditioning and other PRO EQ really cool features ideas. (2014)
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David McGahee

Joined: 01/01/2014 04:05:53
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Brilliant suggestion! I for one would use the eq band auditioning in every mix!
David Mood

Joined: 04/09/2013 02:25:43
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A big for being able to solo the frequency bands.

One small feature I would like to see on Pro EQ:

It is now possible to hide the knobs (with the small arrow in the middle), it would be nice if it would also work the other way round - to hide the graph.
That would give you the possibility to focus more on what you hear, rather than what you see.

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Although not a top-priority FR, I'd definitely use this.
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My feature wish list:
1. Automation clips
2. Ability to (optionally) undo everything, inc. plugin and mixer knob/fader/buttons, add/remove insert, add/remove plugin, etc...
3. Mixer snapshots
4. Wraparound slide audio items like in Reaper
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