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[2.6.2] issue with track selection
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LMike wrote:I'll try to confirm again the next time i launch S1.

It does seem to maybe be behaving differently, by looking at your gifs. It might be a good idea to explain why that change is problematic for you in a practical sense when you select multiple tracks. I'm not suggesting that it's not problematic for you, on the contrary.

Just more wondering if it's a visual thing or a practical thing, if it affects editing or working in some practical way. If the latter is the case it might also be good to detail why that happening that way now is problematic, to maybe give it more priority.

It would not be problematic at all if it selected all clips all the time or it selected none clip all the time...I mean, you know it works in that way and you live with it. The problem in my case is that it does not behave constantly: sometimes it selects all clips, sometimes it selects just some clips, sometimes it does not select anything (I hope it can be seen in my animated gifs). This is problematic because you don't know what to expect and then you cannot go you constantly need to pay attention to what it did.

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Yeah, that's what i was wondering, if you were using that key command (before 2.6.2) with the intention of editing clips or you were using it just to select track panels for some other reason.

But I agree. To be useful in any way with clip selection it should probably do the same thing all the time,

The tricky thing about the "extend up/down" action in general is that it kinda only selects things in the same range, which is why i saw it selecting all clips at first I think because there was only one long clip on each track.

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Hi guys we're looking into this behavior. So far I see consistency with Studio One 2.6.1. But that doesn't mean it isn't an issue. Consider this issue as being reported.

Personally I use this feature of Shift + (arrow key left or right) not up or down, so that's probably why I hadn't seen it before.

If there are any other comments or suggestions for how this could work better or more efficiently, feel free to post.

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