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Capture 2 with the new 24.4.2 AI
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Yea Gadget has the 32 so he should know, but sounds very odd to me.
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Im thinking that it shows Your 24 channels And Your 10 Auxes And Your 4 subs + master 2track.
That gives 40 channels.
Just arm all and deselect the subs and the auxes and if you dont want a master 2track (thats the mains in stereo) deselect that too.
I think you have to rename the tracks manually by doubleclicking on them if you want names on it but dont quite know for sure.
give it a try.

Rick needs to make it look shiny so maybe thats why it's on the video

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Yes Klypeman, I can do that but just thought it work interactive. Maybe one of the Presonus guys can get on and clarify this. Got to do a show tonight so I'll see how it goes.
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What version of firmware is on the mixer (last page of the system menu), and what versions of both Universal Control-AI (File>About Universal Control-AI) and Capture 2 (Help>About Capture) do you have installed?

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For the time being, I think until you have figured some of this out, you should just +Start by working within what we have been able to establish...

The fact is, that each and every track is labeled, and an explanation of this is available in the links I added. Also, it shows you the sign that looks like the recycle circular arrows that should integrate the track labels form UC, top Capture and even Studio one... there are also video's about this online...

The matrix you have found, you should also drag the 2 track to the first 2 channels after input 24...I'll check this out as soon as I can but I think offhand it's 1-24, the 10 auxes, the 4 EFX busses and the main outs...
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Jspring, I've got the latest firmware I'm sure that is out on all three because just download it Thursday from Presonus web site.
Believe it or not, the names of channels popped up today on capture when I turned on mixer but still have those 40 channels.
I can work with this, I just have to unarm everything after 24. Recorded a rock band tonight and worked fine. If you all do know how to get just 24 I would appreciate it. Thanks Gadget and others for your help.

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Did you ever figure out why 40 channels appear in Capture 2.1 when connected to a 24.4.2AI? You really can record up to 40 channels simultaneously. Channels 1 to 24 equate to the same channels on the StudioLive. Channels 25 to 40 work in pairs. By default, the Main mix is routed to all pairs: 24/25, 26/27, etc, up to 39/40.

Take a look at section 4.8.1 in the StudioLive AI Software Library Reference Manual located here:

This screen in Virtual Studio Live (Settings tab at the top) allows you to route whatever busses or inputs you wish to these additional recording channels. For example, I record channels 1 to 24 dry. I record Sub 1/2, Sub 3/4 and the Main Mix which are all post fat channel. I sometimes also play backing tracks through Aux A or Aux B. This is obviously picked up in the Main Mix, but you can also record these stereo inputs independently by routing them to an unused pair.

I hope this helps!

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I would like to know how he got 40 channels to appear in Capture. We've got the 32AI and Capture only has 33 channels (32 inputs plus the one aux/mains channel). I would like to get 7 more Capture channels to be able to record the subs and a few others. I've used that Aux Inputs Router matrix, but it makes no difference what I do, Capture still only has 33 channels.
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