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Why do you have multiple DAWs?
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Dave Modisette

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1.) Studio One because it has a flat graphic GUI that is easy to read, It has the most awesome audio bend tool that works intuitively. Melodyne ARA. And it works the closest of them all to the way I naturally work. There are things I miss from other platforms but I don't want it ever become more like SONAR or some other product and lose it's unique personality and straight ahead work flow.

2) SONAR X series - that was the software I used when I was asked to join the Toontrack betatest team. I was maybe one of two users on the team at the time and I helped to guide them in ways to make their product work better in SONAR. This would still be my number one program if they would stop adding fluff to attract hobbyists at the expense of not fixing problems or leaving past features not fully developed.

3) Samplitude Pro X because someone proved to me that it sounded more acurate than SONAR. It has the best Mackie MCU implementation and a gorgeous console view. It tends to be a bit enigmatic in it's workflow. I've completed mixes in it but using it is a bit like work.

4) Reaper - sometimes I just want to waste time and look at good lookin' "skins". I've done some projects on it and after I modified most of the menus and took out a bunch of repetitious commands or stuff I didn't use, it became easier to use. Looks like a program that was designed by a 1000 member committee of people who hated every other platform but wanted a product with the features of the product they hate. But heck, it only cost $60.00.

FWIW, I am a 100% non-pirate and I'm amazed how many people think that's odd. That means I've put some serious money into software but I think that I have benefited quite a bit from being familiar with other software and it's certainly benefited the folks at Toontrack as I check out their products on multiple platforms.
Dave Modisette

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I agree with you Dave, I've dumped some serious cash into my hosts and never pirated so I was kinda WTF when I saw that too.

I own sonar (never use it again) FL (lifetime free updates) from like 10 years ago and reaper (I got a lot out of that 60 bucks!)

And maschine. That can be considered a host too.
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StudioOne is the workflow king for live bands and mixing. And to think I was going to buy cubase instead.

Ableton is a gigantic sampler that handles time stretch and drag and drop like no other. It's the king of audio. You can fsu in live and building with clips is very nice for electronic music.

Reason is a rack of cool stuff. Plus it's always stable and light on CPU. Malstrom and dr octo Rex are two examples of unique reason devices that I love.

Reaper is my back up but as powerful as cubase without the bloatware. Plus it handles 32\64 bit plugins and rewire. It's also great for editing.

Maschine mk1. A fun interface, great sounds, and it loads up as a vst plug in. Maschines sequencer is iit's weakness but v2 will help remedy that.

Bottom line, these are powerful tools, fun to work with and you can combine them for more fire power.

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I use Live when I'm flushing out an idea or trying to come up with something. Session view is simply genius workflow for creating music.

Then, S1 to take the idea and (if necessary) re-record the parts and put it all together. I wish S1 had something akin to Live's session view.

Used to use Live & Reaper.. although functionally Reaper can do everything (that I use) that S1 can, I can't stand the interface. They really just need to spend a year focused on a decent interface. Throwing an api out there and expecting users to do it obviously isn't working.

Bought X1 hoping that matrix view would let me get rid of Live and do everything in a single project. That ended up being a waste of time and $$.

Since the latest patch, I'm happy with S1. They finally fixed persisting of a simple option (record takes to layers).. not happy how long it took to get it fixed (months).

Perfect DAW for me would be S1 with Live's session view and Reaper's agile approach to development.


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Dave Modisette wrote:FWIW, I am a 100% non-pirate and I'm amazed how many people think that's odd.

Same here. I don't have a lot, but what I have I paid for and it was very expensive. Then you have all the hardware on top of it. And home users like myself don't get a tax write off on it.

I remember reading an article on Yahoo a few years ago about a big name producer that got busted using cracked Waves VST's. They used the VST, and distributed the .wav file and it had header information inside the .wav with the name of the hack group that cracked the VST.

I 'get' why home users do it. That doesn't mean I agree with it, but I get it. They have limited incomes, they can't afford to go out, it's what they do for entertainment, it's there at the click of a button, it happens.

What I simply don't get are the stories I read, like on Yahoo, about professional studio's doing it. First of all, it's a write off. Second, they would probably get the VST for free if they mentioned it in some review, interview, or on the album credits once or twice.

I just tried to search for the article on Yahoo about the guy that used the Waves VST's and came up with this ... this guy makes $14 million a year and got caught using hacked audio software that costs $168 bucks. LINK
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How do you think he made 14 million bucks?
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I certainly didn't look for extra DAW's but acquired them through time for different reasons. Some programs just do things better than others. It's certainly easier and faster to be mostly acquainted with one program so that commands are second nature and effortless. On the other hand, other DAW's can create an environment that makes one work or write differently. That other DAW may contain a synth that's very musical, or some desired workflow for looping, or allow more of a free form composition arena that perhaps the better smoother workflow DAW doesn't have. I suspect (as already written) users come by these other DAW's for different reasons and then cling to what they like about each one.

I tend to think of the variety of guitars, as an example. It's perfectly understood that a guitarist will play differently playing a Gibson vs a Fender, vs a Gretch as an example. So they hone in on what works or them. What's more bluesy or meaty for them. What cuts through better in a given song, provides the right tone, or sustain, etc.

I grew up on Cubase from its inception, but drifted away from writing music for a while, and I just did not want to return to Cubase, so I chose Pro Tools. A truly great program, but the instability and God awful startup times forced me to look elsewhere.
I still use Pro Tools because my musical associates wont change to another DAW as they use a MAC, and we'll edit and exchange tracks back and forth. Besides, it keeps my chops up to speed. For me, PT is a love/hate relationship, but an industry need for me more than anything. I love Reason for its rack layout, and instrument routing. Reason is quite literally like the guitar example (Let's call it a Hackstrom just for fun, being a Swedish guitar). The program forces me to create on a different plane due to its somewhat unorthodox behavior. Then I take that work into the environment that I can actually layer and get more of a studio" PT like" production flow happening. Um that would be S1. I use Reaper for checking routing possibilities, but quite frankly I stay away from it.
I'll read about some of the other DAW's and I respect what they all provide. I like some better than others, especially when they provide a more studio like environment, but that's just me. Someone else may go for the BORG like Fruity Loops (FL Studio), or LIVE route, and that's fine. Again, like the guitar example, those programs probably invoke some cool groove environment for the user to run with. So it's all good.

I feel I have what I need based on past experiences, and try to contribute in hopes my favorite DAW, Studio One grows only better with time.
Some users can perhaps eat up every DAW they can get their hands on, but strictly for me, I'm in a workable comfort zone right now.

My only needs are to create more time so that I can write, and enjoy the tools I have. Melodyne and Sound libraries also open many inspirational choices.

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In the words of the late great Graucho Marx "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member"

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Good analogy on the guitars. I have 3 basses and about 5 guitars. I really don't want just one. I didn't steal them either.
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Monster Radio Man

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Studio One: I just recently got it for my B-Day. I've been using REAPER for years. I finally decided I wanted to try something new. Part of this search came from a dissatisfaction with REAPER's plugins. I know that might be a dumb reason, but honestly I HATE their plugins. This was an issue that I started noticing about REAPER's so called "no bloat" policy, a lack of professional effects and plugins. Yeah it's $60, but I either have to deal with a set of clunky effects, rely on free VST's on the net, or spend a ridiculous more money on effects that are intuitive and do what I want. The irony is, that if I choose to buy effects to fill in the void of where REAPER lacks, it ends up costing the same as I would have spent on a more professional DAW. The other part that I had come to dislike about REAPER were it's menus. I honestly felt lost even after a few years of use. I would still find myself going from menu to menu trying to figure out how to get from one place to another. This started to really irritate me.

Enter Studio One. I decided to take a look at Studio One's Demo. I instantly fell in love. I really liked the work flow. I found it really intuitive to use. Part of this was similarities to REAPER such as the drag and drop feature. So these aspects were familiar to me and I was able to pick them up right away. But I found the most important key commands to be quick and easy to remember. For some reason it was just natural for me. But what I really liked were it's plugins. Not it's VI's (no native poly synth? WTF? MUST HAVE), but it's pro effects and tools like it's compressor and Channel Strip. When 2.6 came out I was super stoked about the Fat Channel plugin. I love the mixer. I've read online that a lot of people don't like the mixer but this was a distinguishing feature for me! Truth be told, I'm still figuring everything out about this DAW. Right after I got it I started back in school and I haven't had a chance to really dive in since. I'm really looking forward to getting sometime to dive in deep and write a piece of music.

Renoise: There is no tool like Renoise. Honestly, one of the most unique way's of working with samples in existence. The kind of precise editing you can do in mere seconds is out of this world. If your not familiar with this DAW or trackers, give it a look. It's very unique. I don't use Renoise standalone though because it just sucks for audio tracking. I'm a bass player so I've always got to be able to track audio. This is why I still have to have a traditional DAW. Renoise works great when working strictly with samples and loops. However as soon as I need live instruments Renoise falls apart. So I use this program Rewired into Studio One and so for me Renoise and Studio One are interlinked for me as one tool as well as the next too on my list, Maschine.

Maschine Mikro/1.8: I wanted a way to mess with drums in a live context. I watched a few videos of it online and it looked like a ton of fun. Honestly I got way more than I expected! I ended up really loving this software. It added a live element to my electronic music that just wasn't there before. Recently 2.0 was announced and it frankly just looked astounding. I'm so impressed that when I upgrade, I'm not sure if Renoise will be getting as much use. Currently, I'm very proficient at using Renoise so I just work faster in it. But nonetheless Maschine has become a huge part of my workflow and an essential part of my home studio.

Reason 4: This doesn't get as much use as it used to. It's a great little program though. When I do use it it's strictly for it's synths. I just rewire it. I don't really use it in Stand Alone.

REAPER: I've already listed a lot of the reason I no longer use it. But I guess I should list a few of the things I like about it. Most important, it's cheap. You can't complain with $60. I also like that it's very customizable and skinable. I also like that it's independent and has a modest demo policy (Renoise does as well. $70 and very nice demo). They are very actively engaged with their community which is also very nice. It has that real nice small community business vibe to it. Really I think that's the biggest strength REAPER has. It has a really tight community in which the developers are actually a part of. With major DAW's like Pro Tools, any response on the forums just comes off like some PR guy.

Almost Ableton: I freaking LOVE Ableton and I very seriously considered it. I debated between it and Studio One. I ultimately went with Studio One because I felt that Renoise, Reaper and Maschine were basically together doing what I wanted out of Ableton. Ableton just felt like a redundant choice. But I really like it. The price was also a little high I felt. I really wanted the Suite and even with my student discount it was still too high. Studio One was $200 with the student discount and the Ableton Suite was $499. So we decided on S1. So far I'm happy with my decision.

I hope that wasn't too long!
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Studio One.....My main DAW after years of using Sonar and having more or less constant issues I felt It was time to change and not have to
worry about every take crashing my machine, there are things I don't like about it and things I love about it...mostly Love.

Sonar ( up to X1, though 8.5 got most use ).....I used this for years and found it unstable and got no support fo it.....I use this still because I have countless unfinished projects on it.

Pro Tools LE7 ( I think ) , I havent used this in years ( don't even have it installed at present )....I bought this because I needed to work in PT
for a very well paid project, after the project was finished I didn't touch it bar using it for import and export.

Live 8 , I upgraded from live lite.....I use this for the studio it's clunky, live its unbeatable.

Cubase ( studio 5 I think )......I got this because one of my students bought an audio computer 2nd hand and this came with it, he didnt like it so i got it, occaisonally handy but the dongle seems to make other software go wonky so i don't use it.

Reason 5.....I bought this as an upgrade from the LE version ( essentials?)......mainly because a collabarator on a big project used it and it ended up being worthwhile for me to get it......i love the patching in reason, not so much the sequencer

Mostly I will fire up S1 it pretty much fulfills my usual straight recording needs and everyday jobs

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1st DAW was Logic Express 7, then 8 then full Logic pro 9. Learned a lot but was unhappy with how my songs were sounding. Out of frustration, I bought PT 10.

Pro Tools 10 works very well for me. My only real complaint was the 96 track limit. The wait I create vocals requires many audio tracks & I grew frustrated because I could never afford to upgrade to go pass 96 track limit.

Enter S1 2.0. Friend of mine told me about S1 & I used the one month demo. LOVE the workflow & the routing & audio editing. I figure my S1 experience will come to an end when version 3 comes out. S1 is weak in the midi dept in general & is too dang heavy on the CPU. On mixdown of 60 track songs my CPU would hit 215F and I do NOT approve.<shrug>

So I tried out the Cubase 7 demo & liked the sound quality of the music I am able to create in it. It doesn't hit my CPU has hard as S1 on 70+ track projects. Love the midi stuff you can do with it. I also like the quality of the plugins that come stock. My complaint with Cubase I hate the workflow. Takes me forever to do simple things. Get's frustrating after a while.

Now I am back to Logic & using Logic X. For me this upgrade fixes 99% of the problems I had with Logic 9. I love Flex Pitch above Melodyne in S1 & Vari-audio 2 in Cubase. I only use it when writing to help me flesh out a melody while songwriting but that is a huge thing for me. For me, it's my #1 DAW; for writing, tracking & mixing.

The interesting thing about this "journey of DAW" is I've learned so much about ITB recording/mixing. I also use different features/sounds from these DAWs because they are pleasing to my ear & I import those tracks into Logic X without issue.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it
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Seriously, this is one of the best topics here in forum., really worth of reading users experience with almost all DAW's, showing the pros and cons of each one.
PreSonus should look carefully into it, 'cause with ALL this rich user based information, they can built the BEST DAW on market...
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S1 really rocks! It's an honour.
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1. Logic Pro X
(Drummer, Flex Pitch/Audio, Stability, Aesthetics, Midi Features, Sounds fantastic)

2. Reason 7
Stability, Just works, Sounds good, Aesthetics, Excellent support

3. Protools 11
Stability, Just works, Sounds good, Aesthetics

4. Studio One 2
(Instability, high CPU, Fast workflow, not easy on the eye, Midi Jitter)

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Jlien X

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ankely wrote:
Studio One is hands down the best thing yet for time stretching
This is why I use S1.

jpettit wrote:rich MIDI
This is why I use Sonar.

Bub wrote:but the one I was using did a massive version update and it started causing problems on some people's systems. After 2 years of trying to get it working right between patches, and paid version upgrades, I tried some demo's, and fell in love with Studio One and that's how I ended up with two DAW's.
And this is how I too started using S1, except for that the one I was using wasn't 8.5 but 2.2, and not 2 years but some months with no upgrading (it was X1b at that time).

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Revisit for more info...

FLStudio: Great for making "beats" inside of any Win DAW running as a VSTI. I use the Fruity Edition since I had no need for audio recording in it. I push 16 stereo outs directly into S1, run it full screen and produce hip-hop beat patterns or whatever, and just mix it all in S1 without stemming anything or worrying about saving the FLStudio song.

FL takes care of all of my non-linear needs.

MixBuss: Great for those times when you want to remix something. You've done a mix in S1 and you just aren't completely happy with it and maybe want to give it another go from scratch from a different perspective. Export edited stems, mix in MixBus. The only third party plug I might use in MixBus is Altiverb. The built in comps and EQ's and all that lead you to a completely different place.

Reaper: At $60 why not? Any project studio that deals with casual daw users would be well advised to convince the user not to blow their wad on an expensive DAW playing producer / engineer, but buy Reaper or S1 Artist and blow their wad on studio time instead. My top two recommendations are S1 Artist and Reaper. If I get a project archive in Reaper that doesn't need editing, I mix in Reaper. If I have to edit, de-ess, tune vocals and all that, I stem out to S1.

Nuendo 5.5 Demo: A great general purpose toolbox because the demo pretty much never expires being a 16 day "realtime" (running hours) demo license. Perfect for things that pop up like OMF, AAF, etc, etc.

That's it. No other daws are installed on my studio system except for Vegas 10 (technically also an daw I guess).

P.S. I forgot Steinberg Sequel. Sometimes I just wanna fire up something with a totally different feel so Sequel is good for just mucking around with loops and can use all of my proprietary Steiny loop libraries... and S1 also imports those project files directly.

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