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How to report someone who use illegal copy of S1
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CTStump wrote:If he is not legit he will by found out eventually, If his last post is any indicator it might by swiftly.

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Coincidently above link is to a story about a developer and how piracy affects him. He runs Nine Volt Audio, which also supply a lot of the content for S1. Well done in your responses guys/gals, I have no time for these cretins.
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kevaudio wrote:
sdrr00 wrote:wow man way to get up tight over nothing. big BACON deal you tattle-tale. i bet you got beat up as a kid for running to mommy and snitching

Is this the kind of thing we need to see on this forum, sounds like a bully, and should not be allowed!

Hardly a bully now.
sense of perspective n all.
the guys just being a BACON for the fun of it. no harm. tis the 1nt0rw3bz.

**Mod Squad edited several posts in this thread for language, including this one. Just a reminder folks, while we appreciate your passion for keeping those operating illegally in check, we've got to keep it clean. Gotta remember the children!**

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Maybe he is using the Free version, or maybe he is just using the demo.

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emrahcelik wrote:
I see that guy is getting help from my s1 user friends such LMIKE, Johnny, etc.

I think this Lmike and Johnny you speak of should be kicked off the forum for aiding and abbeting.

But thats just me.


All the cool kids hang out in the middle of their meters, you should too.

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emrahcelik wrote:I paid over 5-6K euro for my softwares-vst-vstis and I won't let someone use cracked software and ask for help here. Feel free the use cracked one, but never come here and take our times via asking for help.

This is the main point.
If someone here uses cracked software in his bedroom, it might be ignored - just literally.
But there are studios out there and producers of music for commercials, movies and so on - and the competition is hard enough to hold prices on a level where a living can be made out of it. When people with "lower costs because of cracked software" interfere here, competition is getting unfair and it's getting substantially existential for some producers. And that's no joke - it simply can't be ignored.

Plus: producers make their money not only with studio services, but also (some mainly) with copyright royalties - why then ignore, when someone believes google and treads on copyright-owners toes.

That's not tight over nothing.
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dgkenney wrote:I think this Lmike and Johnny you speak of should be kicked off the forum for aiding and abbeting.

But thats just me.

. Those two guys are troublemakers.

I think someone should call immigration and have them deported.

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How about we just sic the Baconator on them?

Sorry about hacking this thread up guys but there was that "F" bomb that kept popping it's ugly head.. can't have that you know...our "G" rating is in jeopardy Probably should have just made the whole thing go away...

Oh well, nice job calling attention to ones self anyway.. right?
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Hang on here now. You edited my post and there was no f-bomb in it. Not one cuss word. What did I do?
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I think he might have just got a little click happy there mech. No animosity intended.

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Yeh you may be right. I know some people had their panties in a wad.

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As an optimist - Just from my own purchases and knowledge - I would have thought hopefully software sales are on the increase? I wonder what stats kvr have...

Just from what I perceive in forums, music software companies have been largely successful in "humanising" their business. Because the price point became low enough (from unprecedented competition), Im sure alot of people who originally thought "meh, its only software", actually had a chance to buy said software. And once youre on that path, and you get used to paying or investing in software, and treating a purchase like hardware, you start to change your attitude. And engage with people who put their heart and soul into creating their product. That on its own I think is a hugely successful psychological win for the music software business. In some ways completely against the grain of modern downloading/sharing/piracy.

Ok, its tough out there - but I would hazard a guess to say there are 1000x more startup businesses and ideas out there than 10 years ago because there is a market there for the average consumer. Somebody has to be buying this stuff.

The fact that Studio One can get a foothold at all in a pretty saturated DAW market is testament to that fact. People are willing to pay for great software and support, even when faced with the fact they could download the "perceived" latest and greatest 2 clicks away.

I absolutely agree that people who have cracked software should be outed if trying to use support that we've all invested in. Its incredibly cheeky. I think though that piracy is generally a sign of immaturity, and something that people (hopefully) grow out of. The availability of "lite" versions, free versions, deals, sales - not only benefit financially in the short term, but also get people on the "buying" ladder. I think thats the biggest thing software companies have realized. I dont think people generally buy software then go back on to pirate. Or buy some and download others.

Once people are on the buying ladder, all bets are off, and youve to compete with other businesses for money/hard drive space. When we're in a situation that some people are so enormously talented they give stuff theyve created away for free (thinking reaktor instruments) - youre pretty much attacked from all angles. I think in general that the "buying base" has hugely increased, but also the amount of businesses trying to tap that market.

Anyways - Im optimistic about the future!
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I couldn't agree more with the last post......well thought out and expressed brilliantly......please post more on this forum


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litesnsirens wrote:They regularly put all three versions on sale for as much as 1/2 price

very, very true.
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