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Well I guess my hat size is JUST under size 8
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Extreme isolation EX-25's or EX29's. The company just redesigned the headband to do THIS...

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In my opinions Superlux HD660. They are cheap and sounds very good. This is the same product as Beyerdynamic DT770
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I was using K240 for a long time until I got Audio-Technica ATH-M50. There's a bit of boost at the top and bottom, but frequency range is very wide, and sound is very detailed.
I strongly recommend them for everything.
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for live sound Sony 7506
for studio KRK KNS 8400

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I recently had to do a backstage mix ;-( I had a set of EX29s (listenable, a bit soft in the highs, a little funny spot in the mids), a set of Shure 440s (listenable, a bit recessed in the midrange, and a set of Shure "DJ" phones (more resessed in the mids, and a bit hyped in the highs and lows).

I started soundchech with the 440s (the mix was set-up from a previous show, so I was mostly a fader pusher). The only thing I could hear was what was on top of the mix (the vocals) and some drums. Everything else was a sea of noise.

I then tried the other Shures - same deal.

I was very surprised at this, as owing to my previous experience with the EX29's soft highs, I thought the 440s would be best. So I put on the EX29s. Guitar! Bass! Keys! Everything was easily discernible.

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Thank you everyone I'm going try these EX29's can't beat the price and reviews to date.
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ts-12 wrote:I was using K240 for a long time until I got Audio-Technica ATH-M50. There's a bit of boost at the top and bottom, but frequency range is very wide, and sound is very detailed.
I strongly recommend them for everything.

I was running the Sony 7506 but never really liked them all that much. On the advice of a friend, I bought the Audio Technica ATH-M50's and I absolutely love them. Wonderful phones.
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I forgot about the ATH M50's. They are killer as well.

The thing I like better about them over the HD280's is a much nicer connector (not plastic).

Sound quality seems to be the same or maybe even slightly better.
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I recently got the SHURE SRH940 ... they are pricey$, but comfy with a relatively flat extended freq response. Only problem is...I think I now may be detecting a slight intermittent 'buzz' at @136hz in the right cup (which goes away when I flip the sides). It may be just my old ears, the signal source or a defective transducer ... not yet shure!
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