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Bloat, bloat, bloat...
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Studio one comes in 3 different flavours, all of which have a varying amount of features from the minimum to everything. something for everyone from the power user to just the essentials.
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Toth wrote:I don't need any more features, I would just like some of the current features finetuned.

Jon Samuelson
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Afraid of bloat?

I think we should just have an artificial intelligence module to create music called, Presonus AutoTunes, leaving the worries of bloat to the schizophrenics. Simply determine the basic ingredients, push one button, and like a blender mixing a Margarita, your music is made to order.


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litesnsirens wrote:I really have to ask, what has S1 given us so far that would cause any fear whatsoever?

Where do I start?
* "Transform to audio track" (it's not a freeze, it's not a render, it doesn't do multi-timbral - it's just waste)
* Ampire (Ever heard of Guitar Rig or Amplitube?)
* Sound cloud integration (Does it take that long to export an audio file and upload it manually?)
* Presonus Exchange (Given that everyone has different effects available, how much time would one have to spend searching before finding something one could use vs. making one's own chain?)
* Channel Strip - All the functionality is already available in the other plugins, and this one's too inflexible to do anything.

And with all these "features", the performance is subpar, the samplers are glitchy, and the app lacks basic conveniences, like remembering which audio interface and sample rate I selected, or renaming the console strip when the track is renamed in the track view. Bloat-wise, S1 is as bad as Sonar in its worst days.

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You're entitled to your opinion. But, no one's holding a gun to any of our heads to use Studio One. I can't really argue if you think that Studio One doesn't run efficiently for you because it has sound cloud integration or exchange or even ampire, or geez, any of the features you mentioned.

No one says you have to root around in exchange or upload using the integrated sound cloud, if you can do it faster another way, fill your boots. My experience is far different than yours as far as performance, not sure why. I'm sure if what you're experiencing was rampant there'd be no one left using S1.
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