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Studio One V2.0 Audio Timing Training
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Haven't even watched,yet, but based on previous reviews...getting comfortable and ready to absorb!

Thanks, man!


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Can't wait to see them. Thanks for the link Skip.

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jpettit wrote:Hello Presonus Studio One forum
I would like to offer 35 minutes of Studio One V2 training today as a gift.

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Thanks...very cool!
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Hi there jpettit,

Thanks for posting these videos, I enjoyed watching them as you have a calm and pleasant voice and provide good examples from typical scenarios.

Although I don't deal with "live recorded" stuff myself, I can certainly see why these features are important to many S1 users. Watching your videos is a good way for electronic music producers like me to get a better overview of the post-processing workflow issues that live recording DAW users have to deal with.


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jpettit wrote:Hello Presonus Studio One forum
I would like to offer 35 minutes of Studio One V2 training today as a gift.

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Wow, thank-you. Great videos!

...gotta love Paul McCartney's Wings!


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Thank you!!!

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Kudos jpettit

DAW timing is my core problem. These vids take me a step closer to solving what seems to be secret that is rarely shared by the recording fraternity....

I have asked many people and have usually gotten the answer that my timing sucks. So off I went practicing with a metronome.

(Only to find out that even the best drummers cannot play quantize-accurate for any amount of time, it's humanly impossible)

So thanks for showing how to deal with timing!
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Hi Jeff

What a wonderful set of tutorials! I have been scratching my head about this new set of tools in V2 and you have managed to "light the way" for me.

Thanks for all you have done.

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Nothing I can say that hasn't already been said! Thanks so much for taking the time to do that. I not only found them to be extremely informative, but inspiring as well. It seems any time that I see any type of productive tutorial video such as these it makes me want to dive right into my DAW and mess with it... so thanks for the increased inspiration!

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First, thank for your kind words and you are welcome. I am glad some of you are finding it useful and for some even inspiring.
I learned Studio One through the people on this forum and it is the least I could do to give back something in thanks.

I am currently having a blast with the new ARA Melodyne interface and hope to have one more detailed video out shortly after the release of Melodyne 2.


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Very cool job on the vid's.
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