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Another vote for a steeper slope. FWIW, I liked the way you asked nicely instead of ranting about it.
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mamerica wrote:Another vote for a steeper slope. FWIW, I liked the way you asked nicely instead of ranting about it.

Thanks man. No point ranting. We all want the same thing - better products and happier customers. Presonus don't 'have' to add anything, especially for free upgrades. And with all the companies I've dealt with i'm very impressed at how Presonus listen, respond and treat their customers. That goes a long way. So congrats guys!

Wow, am I becoming a 'fan boy'???
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Almost two years on and Presonus continues to say it's a 'top priority' but have no driver updates, make excuses and blame others (Intel, USB3 Microsoft, Apple and now the company that writes their drivers!) when other companies have it all working on the same systems!! And it so refreshing to get regular software updates and responsive and effective support!

And the 1818 does not have 'on-board DSP' as continues to be claimed.

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24db/oct at least filter would be great, but only if it's not gonna make the rest of the SL firnware unstable

MikeRivers wrote:Me four. But I've seen some far more "pro" gear that has a 6 dB/octave low cut filter so this isn't without precedent.

that's a bit strange why they do that, because you can almost do the same with low shelf eq band.

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Steeper hpfs would be nice. This has been a request almost from the day the SL16 hit the market. But I would prefer no more than 18dB/oct. Steeper and we might get audible phase issues on the inputs. And remember that there are hpfs on the aux outputs too, so for monitors you can stack.

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