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SL 16.4.2 Locked up several times at a Show
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Update: We performed again last night w/the iPad and SL 16.4.2. Everything worked great (no drop-outs or freezes over the 4+ hours). The only thing changed was a new firewire cable from "Granite Digital".

So it appears, all I needed was to make sure we used high-quality cables...

Thanks for everyone's help.
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Good to hear.

Just to be safe I'd recommend stress testing it this week. Throw everything you can think of at it this week for long periods of time to see if you can make it fail.

I think it'll be the only way to make sure you got it back to 100%

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I experienced very similar.
with Beta drivers, mine locked up many times when connected to a mac or pc laptop,
(I never risked using beta softwares live, only tested with it in the studio, so most of the freezes happened in the safe situation)

I rolled back to the latest not-beta softwares and it is much more stable, only very few lock ups.

but when disconnected, it only locked up once or twice on me.

so i don't use it as a live mixer yet, only as a recording/sound interface console when used live and at the studio,
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So, a final report. After replacing the Firewire cable (see previous post), we've played two gigs at two different venues (over 6 hours). Not a single fault! The combination of SL 16.4.2, MacBook Pro, and iPad (wireless connected using Netgear 600 - 5Mhz router) worked flawless.

Bottom line, I believe a lot of lockups have to do w/the Firewire cable...So, if you start experiencing issues and have a computer connected, disconnect and try again...then get a quality cable and supported firewire chip.
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