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Drag & Drop is great, but...
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Motoko wrote:This is my personal view of things !

The thing is though with the S1 workflow I hardly select tracks specifically. I just grab whatever it is I need to edit. So from that point of view it would certainly slow me down. Check if the proper channel or track is selected and if it isn't select it. Then select the FX move my hand from the mouse to the keyboard...

I guess we all have different workflows, which of course is good. But I personally think drag and drop is more streamlined.

HA!! You beat me to this

Since drag and drop, I can't even go back to Cubase for a laugh I sold my Cubase 5 and kept Cubase Studio 5 and decided to load it up on my new Windows 7 box. Just needed to access and old client file but was completely lost for a good 10 minutes before I finally remembered how to setup the inputs. 16 clicks later (as apposed to a template click) I finally was able to add a
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