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StudioLive Audio Crackling/Popping
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When recording or playing back audio, a clicking noise happens now and than. the popping noise gets also recorded onto the tracks or when mixing down.

Cubase 5 32bit.
The CPU is at about 20%, Buffer is at 1024.
Audio Card: Presonus StudioLive16.4.2
WIn7 64bit, 8GB ram. HD 2TB, QuadCore i7-920 CPU.
no extra unneeded programs running in the background, Only Cubase and Plug-Ins (3x Kontakt 4s, Omnisphere, Stylus RMX, EWQLSO, Trillian) inside of it.

I have replaced harddrives because i thought they are bad,
scanned for viruses, trojans etc,
HardDrives aren't fragmented

here i uploaded a short mp3 file of the glitvhing/poppng sound, you can hear the popping sound at :04, :17, :20, :22. I later made the glitching parts louder so you can hear it better:

i use 2 harddrives: 1) 500gb: Windows, Programs, plugins. 2)2TB: Audio, Samples, Projects.
I tried disabling multiprocessing in Kontakt, and tried disabling multiprocessing in cubase too, tried audio boost and normal.
I have internet and other unused stuff disabled. few hours ago i disabled all non-windows services besides presonus's universal control.

tried dpc latency checker and got this:
this machine should handle real-time audio without dorp-outs.
even though the crackling happens the dpc latency checker doesn't see it

I use firewire adapter with TI chipset and Legacy 1394 driver

Is StudioLive defective? or my pc is failing?
audio glitches.mp3
 Description Audio pops [Disk] Download
 Filesize 1106 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  366 time(s)

(Cubase 6)
win7 x64: i7-920 p6t daw, 8gb ram,


StudioLive 16.4.2
(also: A & H 16:2, Mackie VLZ pro 1602, Soundcraft Spirit 24ch and 32ch)

DBX DriveRack PA+
Lexicon MPX400XL
Zoom h4n
Sennheiser e838's
Shure sm58's
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Shure 87a
Shure SM7b
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Rode nt1-a

RAMSA mains and subs
JBL JRX series
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That doesn't sound like a too-small buffer, but you can try increasing the buffer size because that's easy to do and is usually the first thing anyone tells you to try anyway.

What's the source? Is that a virtual instrument? It could be that's what's ticking and not the StudioLive itself. A good test signal is something constant.

In lieu of a signal generator, you could wrap an unbalanced cable connected to a line input around a wall wart that's plugged in. That will make a good hum generator. Turn down the input gain so the record level is quite low (-30 dBFS or so) and you have a chance of hearing the ticks in it. Record some of that and play it back.

You can with fair certainty determine if the problem is only in playback by creating a steady sine wave file (I think Cubase has a function for that), then play that back and listen for ticks.

Can you see anything useful when you zoom in to the sample level of a tick in the recorded waveform? That might give a clue.

Or it could just be one of those digital things that people either ignore or edit out.
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Hi, is this resolved? I am experiencing the exact same problem with ableton on my (new) StudioLive 16.0.4
When I play a short loop the crackling and pops re-occur every minute or so. It's not in the sample anyway.
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This sounds like an optimization issue.

Please start our question in a new thread in the StudioLive 16.0.2 threads with full system specs and a run from the OHCI tool (found in the knowledgebase) and we can help you better.

I'm going to lock this thread as it is quite old and can have some folks confused if they read through the whole thing and then we go off on a completely different tangent to help you get things running on your rig.

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