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Just wanted to let the regulars know I'll be offline for most of next week. It's not that I've had enough of this community, it's just that my dad has been hospitalized today as a result of a tia (ie. mini-stroke). Him and my mother were returning from a weekend trip to a family thing in Hamburg. So he's in a hospital close to Hamburg. Although he's doing well, all things considered, my wife and I decided to drive up there nevertheless and stay there with my mom until my dad can be moved to the Netherlands...
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Sorry to hear that Motoko,

Best wishes for your dad's recovery.


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Sorry to hear of your Dad's condition -- hope it was not too severe and that he enjoys a full recovery. This hits pretty close to home for me as my parents are both struggling with pretty serious health issues of late, and I've been struggling to come to grips with the fact that my time with them is probably growing pretty short. Make the most of what you've got, and know our thoughts, hopes and prayers (for those inclined to prayer) for the all the best go with you and your family.
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Speedy recovery to your dad. We'll try to get along but take your time for family!


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Very sorry to hear about your dad. I wish him a speedy recovery!
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Sorry to hear that, Motoko! All the best for your dad and your whole family!

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Best of support wished!
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Sterkte Niels!

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Fast recovery wishes for your dad.
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All the best from me as well!

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My best wishes to you dad and your family. We'll hold a seat for you!

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God Bless and watch over him and your family!
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Hope your dad gets well soon.Best wishes to you and your family.

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Hope he gets well soon. Take care my friend!!
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My best wishes for recovery to your Dad, Motoko.
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