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NOT Done with it! (Studio One, that is)
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eike wrote:Awesome. Thanks for being so reasonable!
idolworkshop wrote:
Good point. The key really is: do I judge it as a good use of my time, OR alternately, does it feed my neurosis? I'll leave it to you as to which category this falls under.

i'd guess first the one, then the other. which makes this thread such a good example for the quality of this community. also an illustration of why it's better to withold judgement aboutsomeones trolliness until all parties have repeatedly slept over it.
u guys are all real cool. now, it will be interesting to watch those karma-points reappearing..

Well, I'm not too sure if I agree on all of that - but I do agree this is a high quality community!

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Julia B wrote:No DAW is perfect.

It couldn't ever be since no human is perfect.

The best humans can do is "serious group think", put their heads together to minimize errors, while never actually getting to perfection. If humans were perfect the Challenger shuttle wouldn't have exploded.

An audio workstation having a few bugs or inconsistencies, in the bigger picture of human error, is never actually a major deal.
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