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NAMM is almost over let's talk about the Controller again
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Frank Funk

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Hi Jason,

thanks for your suggestion. You are right. There are so many solutions out there. And it`s better to find a personal own way. One idea for me is to use NI Machine as a controller solution. For example the pads as direct track select buttons and all the other encoder and buttons to control mute, solo, volume and sends... Or to use the pads for mute or solo function for 16 tracks at the same time... There are so many ideas for this but my main problem is to link any button and / or any function from S1 mixing desk to a standart midi divice. Control Link dont offer this I think. That means I have tested 3 standart midi controller (a midi keyboard, a standart midi (DJ)-controller and a PDA Touchpad) as controller in S1. All of them are working great for the arrangement or automation and yes I can control the volume of the trackmixer too but how can I map the solo button or how can I map a track-select function (to use the controller as channel-stripe controller for example). I have a lot problems to configure all mixer functions to a midi controller. Maybe a fail by my self, maybe a developing fail in S1 but this make it pointless to buy a lot more midi stuff and this is my hope and wish in a better controller support. I´m a user and not a programmer. To use 3, 4 or 5 differend controller put my workingplace to a caosplace too.
What controller do you use for what function?
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