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Hi guys... I'm da new guy
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Hi, first post here. I'm an old analog guy who's scratching his head and wondering why all this computer recording stuff has to be so difficult. I've read through a few of the messages and I'm feeling better though because I can see that I'm not the only one that gets frustrated with this stuff. I've had my share of problems getting things to work but fortunately, right now, I'm able to do what I need to and everything seems to work.

My question today is not super critical but I would appreciate an answer if there is one. I've experienced the alternating blue/red light dance that the Firestudio does when it isn't synced up to the computer, but this morning when I turned my system on I noticed that the light was blue for about 8-10 seconds then it would flash red and immediately back to blue for another 8-10. Everything seemed to work and as soon as I started recording, it went to solid blue and I didn't see the red light anymore.

That kind of piqued my interest so I thought I would ask if there are different flash rates on the power light that indicate different things? If so, what was the FSP trying to tell me this morning? Is there a list somewhere of what the different flash codes are if this is the case?



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Sorry, I had set up my registration and thought I was logged in but I guess I wasn't. I'm the guy that posted the above question. I hope my ID comes across this time.

skip jones

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Hey, Mike. It would help if you could give system specs and more importantly firewire card info. Da new guy came to da right place for help. Someone, if not me, will get you going. This forum is a NEXUS of all things PreSonus (without the snot).


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Thanks Skip, and thanks for the props on the Studio One thread too!

OK, I'm using an HP HDX16 laptop. It's a 64 bit system running Vista Home Premium. CPU is a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.27GHz with 4 GB of RAM. I connect to the FSP via a Pyro 1394a Express Card. I primarily use Sony Vegas Pro (v 10d) or Sound Forge (v 7) as my recording sofware.

Does that give you enough to go on?

Like I said, I'm an old dog trying to learn new tricks and I can tell you, you guys sure know how to make things difficult. Give me a mic, a console, and a tape machine and I'll make the record!!! But all this interfacing, plug ins, firewire, and drivers for all this equipment and stuff?!?!?! Sheeeeesh! And I work at a software company for my day gig!


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Hi Mike, and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately I can't help you with anything Firestudio - but I can tell you this is mostly a very friendly forum with loads of people willing to be helpful whenever they can.

Good luck and happy music!


P.S.: Pretty much old school guy here, too.

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Welcome Mike and you are in the right place because there is a wealth of info from the folks on here and all willing to help.

I'm sorta new to the DAW thing also but had the same or similar situation you have so can tell you that it probably related to you Firewire card on the computer. If chipset is off it will do strange things even though it may work. Mine did all sorts of strange things until I got the right chipset firewire card. There is a list on Presonus of chipsets that are compatible you may want to check out. Good luck, hope this helps---Henry

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If the light is steady blue throughout the session and everything is working as it should. Not dropouts, not clicks or plops or anything, then don't worry about it.

Sometimes it needs a little time to properly sync up. You might want to disable stuff like Aero, virusscanners and the like to optimize your machine for audio duties.

This is me assuming you boot your computer, the light flashes, then it syncs up, then it flashes some more and then it finally syns up for good. Right?

There may be something running after the startup that is causes the unit to briefly lose sync.
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Hi Mike, as Henry said it could be a chipset thing, it could also be an optimisation thing. Have a look at Monolithients post, it runs through several set up things, a link to a latency monitor, a link to the OCHI tool which will tell you if your chipset is compatible all sorts of useful stuff. Here's the link have a good read, it should help. Let us know how you get on, you should always send in a tech request anyway, those guys have the experience and knowledge to sort out any compatibility/ set up issues.

Good luck
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And if stickulari's link has you pulling your hair out feel free to drop me a PM and we can dig into it together.

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