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Hi, new here, but I have been using the SL24.4.2 almost nightly in a club setup for several months now. Basically, I am listing this for anybody who may have answers for issues I have not thought of solutions, and to praise the board for it's strengths as well as note a few gripes for anybody considering this board.

First off, I am a fan of PreSonus products. I own an Audiobox, full version of Studio One Pro, several ACP88's, and a Faderport. Once upon a time, I was a "pro musician " (yes, major label) and have spent the last half of my life as an audio engineer, both live and in the studio. Introductions out of the way, here are my thoughts for the community.


Great Preamps (we can all agree for the price point, fantastic. Duh)
Great implementation. Very user friendly and easy to use. Efficient
Full Parametric EQ on just about everything as well as the rest of the fat channel. Really amazing for this price!
Analog inserts! (This was a deal winner for me as I have some great outboard live gear that I am not ready to obsolete. KUDOS!)
Clean almost glass like transparency. No apparent crosstalk.
Precision Panning (Really, like a lazer beam).
Decent built in FX.
Nice feeling knobs. (Anybody who has mixed for years on everything appreciates grabbing a turn pot and it feels like quality, and doesn't DBX knob ya)
Nice computer interface. (although I wish the colors had a bit more pop to them. They are kinda washed out. Bolder colors would help in a live situation, especially with all the multi-colored lights usually blasting you in the face at mix position because the light guy hates you...mmmm...LED's.... ....anyway, the pastels are a bit too soft for my taste. Perhaps upping the contrast? It's just a bit hard to quickly notice what is happening. Match the colors of the board?
Firewire Return/Insert with Multirack, Studio One, Logic, PT 9 is just brilliant. Inspired. Using plugins from my mac live in the board. Wow, simply "badass"

GRIPES: (Notice I did not say CONS! This board does not deserve any CONS. But these are things that bother me coming from higher end boards that I miss or have noticed).

EQ is unflattering. (It does what it is asked, but is not necessarily an interesting sound. It doesn't add any color, and I miss that from some great boards out there. I find myself mostly using subtractive EQ to reduce problems and make room, as opposed to using the EQ to add some balls here and there. Anyone who has used a Midas knows what I speak of. The SL EQ is, well, rather sterile.)

Subs cannot be used like VCA's i.e. you can only have 2 stereo links or 4 monos. I would prefer to have Sub 1 act as a stereo controller for my drum mix, Sub 2 stereo for guitars, Sub 3 for Vocs or whatever etc. Am I being picky? Maybe but anybody reading up on this board coming from some of the bigger boards will definitely notice this. Software update in this dept would be great to allow either or. Better yet, allow each sub to act in stereo mode on each fader, so Sub 1 is stereo, etc. Guess the fat channel prohibits that right now, but when you strap them together on the subs, isn't that really a function of software since you have no physical input?. Meh, you win some, and lose some I guess. But that routing is standard for a lot of guys in the biz, and I miss it as well.

NO GROUP MUTES. (I really miss this feature alot!) I have read where I should be able to setup a scene in the VSL and perhaps that is the correct way to work this problem. Initially I used the SIP to solo an unused channel to instantly mute every other channel, but then I can't really solo the next act's individual channels without killing all the faders. Saving a preset with the SIP enabled, makes all the channels remain muted when you unsolo the channel. Really, muting is the biggest gripe I have with this board. It's a pain and shouldn't be. A software addition in the VSL where you have at least 4 group mutes would be the absolute best!!

No FIREWIRE inserts on the Subs or Mains. (I jumped into Multi Rack and it's great, except I would love to strap some stuff on the Subs or the Mains. Nope.

Fader caps feel cheap, and they are kinda too close together. (Ok, I know it's a small footprint. But in my case, I have a TC Electronics D-TWO for my main long throw delay returned and assigned to Subs 3-4 and whoops, I grabbed the main on accident.....not good. Yeah yeah, I can assign to 1-2, lesson learned.) I wish I could opt for some heavier feeling caps, metal even that I could replace the plastic ones with. Not motorized so...really the weight shouldn't matter as much.
I won't bitch about lack of motorized faders. I think most soundmen are wussies for needing them unless you are running 32 plus channels with major scene changes split across the center section. HOW DID WE EVER LIVE WITHOUT MOTORIZED FADERS! ohhhh the humanity.

I wish that in the VSL fat channel EQ window, there were some frq markers. What good is a visual representation if you have no real idea where you are at on the spectrum. It's not that big a deal i guess, but I have never seen an interface where that was left out. Besides, grids on the eq look really hi tech. Every geek wants to look more star trek. c'mon, you know you do

and lastly these are a couple of minor things, but are time consuming.

Having to constantly go back and select the Input monitor to watch all input signals. It would be nice if there was a 2 sec delay or something when you are done with changing a fat channel parameter. Select channel, make adjustment, then it auto goes back to the Input monitor mode. It becomes tedious after awhile. Constantly pressing the INPUT button. INPUT...INPUT...INPUT. Wonder how long the stencil will last.

Can't type the name in VSL to save the preset. (But to be honest, I haven't messed around much with the VSL scene setup etc so I may simply be the retard here and haven't figured it out yet. But when I hit store, it would be nice for a pop up on the VSL screen so I can quickly name and be done)

Capture doesn't allow for a template to be saved. You have to start from scratch if you want all the assets to be in the same project folder and name all your tracks. (OK, so I am lazy but sometimes time is tight.) Templates are cool since I mostly use a standard input matrix. Get tired of typing KICK, SNARE blah blah.)

Anyway, sorry for the novel. Really, it's more for discussion purposes than anything else, and might help a few touring guys who might have been told to look at these. I have recommended this board to several other establishments in the area, and really for the price, it's fantastic. Everybody have a great weekend!

P.S. I totally want an 8 channel expansion pack for the 24 PreSonus....just saying. And a hat. I never got a hat!

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One thing I definitly agree upon, and that is the frequency representation in VSL. Sure, you can see the frequency when you watch the knob in VSL, but that is not the same as the frequency grid we are used to see.

And, indeed....I also never got a hat

btw in PreSonus defense, I sat down and RTFM about the VSL, and created a mute scene so I am a retard for not looking at it that way. But still argue that mute groups would be nice.

Me too re the frequency detail in VSL.
What I've noticed lately is that sometimes the desk LEDs are just too bright and I can't see the text on the desk.
Would be great if future models had a dimmer feature to take all of the lights down a bit.
Would also be great if the text on the desk was backlit. I do need a goose neck lamp though

I agree with clove about just about everything.

I'd really prefer the mixer to automatically go back to input on it's own.
I'd prefer heavier faders and would be willing to pay a few bucks for them.
Mute groups should be relatively easy to implement in a firmware update.

Can we make some of this happen Presonus?

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I used a lot Yamaha M7Cl , I rely need a SAFE button . When I change scene and I have 2 ch with some Dj . is very annoying.

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