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EFX to Aux Assignment
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Sorry if this have been asked before. I had a look at the SL16 video on assigning EFX to Aux however I can't get any such menu on the SL24. Can somebody guide me? Thank you.

Nevermind I found it thank you.

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(n)Etiquette suggests you should post the link you found here so that when someone later does a search and finds your post, they'll also find what they are looking for. Or delete your thread altogether (can we do that?) so that your thread doesn't entice someone to look fruitlessly at your thread.
Thanks, the internet police.

Sorry, I just spent hours of my life searching for something (another board, an unrelated topic) where the top 20 or so search results were people asking my same question and the helpful netizens answered with "do a search!"
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Press the aux button twice. Then you see these double LED's light up in the channels 8+

If you look under channel 1 - 7, you can see the writing, I believe 5 & 6 are the FX sends....

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